February 12, 2010

wherein we spilt some noir upon the drunken boat.

This weekend past, as previously alluded to, we staged a little champagne-brunch photo shoot gathering at our studio in Downtown Los Angeles. While much of the day was spent attempting to detangle The Mystery of the Lights (we're still working those out)and drinking, we did manage to get some items photographed for the shop, as well as have a generally wonderouslovely time. We were thrilled to meet two wonderful l'il ladies we'd been previously acquainted with only through Twitter and blogs, Rodellee of Adore Vintage and T'ai Rising-Moore of Awkward Beauty. (They're both wildly talented and fabulous, so do make doubly-triply sure to check out their websites.) Our new model, JJ, and a couple of our other friends were present as well, and we all fell madcappedly in love whilst supping upon miniature croissants and sipping mimosas with fresh berries mixed therein. T'ai was kind enough to take the lovely little snapshots above, which offer a teensy peek into our sunshiney Rococoland world. (I am so especially proud of my bookcase at the mo'!)

After all but the beautiful JJ and I remained, we continued to get far beyond madcappedly drunk, and decided to play around with the lights some more. A few images from the result of this liquor and noir combo can be witnessed below... we think perhaps photo shoots and drunkenness are not such a bad mix... or at least make for some fun the next day when you say to yourself, Where did these come from? whilst looking at your camera. What do you think?

Hmm... now it would seem in keeping with this post to send you off into the world to drink and be merry but... would it be bad to promote drunkenness to you all? Perhaps I shall tell you to... seek out some revelry or to create your own today... whatever that means to you ;) NEVER DRIVE DRUNK. There, that's my good deed. xxo!

♥ r. coco


  1. funny i just finished posting to my neglected desolate blog + then saw this.. you are such an inspiration! looks like you had fun playing with light after i left - your noir shots look great. i do miss rococoland.


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