February 9, 2010

maiden, are you cold?

collage by me, R. Coco. pc-weheartit.com.

Now I thought I would share one of my very favorite fairy tales with you... I've copied it word-for-word from The Yellow Fairy Book, edited by Andrew Lang, and this particular story is derived from Germanic folklore (I personally think that German and Russian fairy tales are the absolute best... probably because they're the darkest.)

I find myself musing over what might happen should the East and West coasts e'er meet...

Today you should make some paper snowflakes, be sure to drink some cocoa, and slip into the satin-lined-world of a beautiful coat... whether you live in the chill or in the (comparatively) warm.


  1. Ooooh this post was so timely for me! I live where it's warm - Louisiana - & every winter I long for spring, but our forecast tonight is 100% chance of snow, so I'm feeling the alluring charm of your beautiful images and paper snowflakes, hot cocoa, & satin lined coats.

    a new lover of your pretty site

  2. I'm so glad! Do enjoy it for those of us who are not so lucky.

    I think there will probably be some more snowy posts before the winter is out... I keep coming across such lovely images.



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