April 23, 2010

fishes in the trees, or, love hurts. a lot.

Let's Pretend Children's Radio Show, "The Little Mermaid."

the last page of the original manuscript by Andersen:

clips from Rusalochka, 1976, to music by Yann Tiersen:

Part of Your World, Disney's The Little Mermaid, 1989

pc-collage by me, R. Coco; Toni Frissell; Annie Leibovitz, feat. Julianne Moore.
unidentified text-excerpts from the original story by Andersen.


  1. This is Beautiful xxx


  2. You have convinced me to read the original HCA tales, which I never have. That Toni Frissell photo is amazing!

  3. Such a lovely post! I am going to check out the original! (Most fairy tales back in the day were gruesome...not sure if this was to get the lesson across or what...)

  4. My grandmother(R.I.P) Told me a story about when she saw a Mermaid once. She lived in Jamaica growing up, she said this happend to her when she was little. She said she was sitting on a rock, and she was just watching the ocean(she did this all the time), she said she saw a woman with long hair finger combing her hair. She said the womans back was turned, and her skin was pale. She said her hair was red. Well, she said she watched her for a while, cause she thought it was a british tourist or something, but she said (and I'll never forget) that the woman turned around and looked at her, paused, then dived into the water. My grandmother said as she dived in, thats when she said she saw a greenish blue scaly tail. She said the womans skin was so pail that it stood out. Further more, she said the woman/mermaid dived in the water and never came up for air. She said she never went around telling anyone that story because she didnt want to seem loopy. That time, she said other people claimed to spot "sea maids" as they call it, but she said that was the first and only one she saw. I always though that maybe the sun was a little too hot that day when she was little, and that maybe she was halusinating, you never know. But I'll tell you this much, everytime i asked her about it, her story never changed. Sorry I wrote so much, just thought you'd like it. That memory came to my head when i saw this picture. :) very beautiful


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