June 13, 2011

a tease, a taste, a flash of face.

After hikes in woods and nights with friends, spying on alpacas and luncheons on farms, I have returned to Los Angeles a happier, more complete person than before. As such, it would mean a great deal to me if you would take a moment to explore the minds (and websites) of my companions, conspirators, and co-collaborators...

T'ai Rising-Moore
Mab Graves
Polina Osherov
Larry Endicott
Stacy Newgent
Eric Kass


  1. So lovely to see your posts popping back up into my reader!

    And, my sister has worked with T'ai Rising-Moore! Stephanie Kincheloe--I know she modeled for at least one shoot.

  2. SWEET POST! Glad I found this blog.

    Check out mine? I'm a photographer!


    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  3. ughh- how did we miss each other? happy you had a good time here though :)

  4. SarahAnn - aw thank you, that's sweet to hear. :) And how neat!! T'ai is truly one of my very favorite people in the whole world; she's like an older sister to me. I'll ask her about Stephanie! xxo

  5. um, sarahann stephanie is wonderful !!! everything she does is beautiful. her photography, her voice, not to mention her bone structure. best part, her talents are unparalleled by her sincerely modest disposition.

    rococo, you my darling made me so happy with your beautiful post. thanks for appreciating the beauty here. can't tell you how much it pleases me to see you posting again!


  6. Good for you! ;) I'll hop over to those blogs!

    Have a fun week!



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