April 19, 2010

the unveiling.

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And oh, my dearest darlings, my darling dears... I am so keenly aware of quite how lessthansuperblyawesome I have been with the blog of late (please refer to 'will you won't you will you won't you, won't you be my door?', ahem.) BUT, do not ever you be afeared, for I am in the midst of crafting a wonderful post for you all tomorrow. AND, R. Coco is about to spread her journalistic wings and branch out into the OUTSIDE WORLD and the world of INTERVIEWS. But -- being that I am, after all, me -- you can bet your bottom dollah that there will be... a twist. Keep your long-lashed lids open, and ready for wonders.

xxo, R. Coco


  1. im in love with your blog
    and congrats to solahna

  2. Ahhhh! I'm so excited! I'll get in touch with you right away :)

    Thank you!



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