March 23, 2010

there's rue for you, and...

this is what my nightmares look like (in my dreams):

photographer: MICHAELA KNÍŽOVÁ

And on a related, if mood-killing, note, we will be adding more and more Spring garments to the shop in the upcoming weeks. For s/s 2010 you can expect lots of easy-breezy cotton dresses from the 30's through to the 90's, as well as lots of Ophelia-esque Edwardian cotton whites. And of course, some extra-special dressy evening gems for proms and premiers. It is going to be a beautiful Spring!

xxo, R. Coco


  1. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ophelia.

  2. you really are inspired right now. just lovely!

  3. Dawn - moi aussi :)

    T'ai - merci :)


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