January 26, 2010


Collage by Rococo. PC-style.com, weheartit.com, Pop Magazine 2004

Viktor & Rolf Spring 2010, starring Christina Ricci, by Rebecca M.

The Viktor & Rolf Spring collection was pretty bitchin'... and this coming from a girl who never ever uses that word... ever. Like, ever ever. You can check out the entire collection here.

And you know, I think this old(ish) spread of Christina Ricci from Pop Magazine is probably one of my very favorites she's done. Although, thinking back, that little lady has been in some truly incredible spreads. Maybe it's just my favorite one she's been in since... probably the 90's. Oh wow... next time I'm in Boston I think it's high time I go riffling through my childhood mag stacks (yes, I was one of those nine year-olds reading W while their sneakered feet dangled above the floor on the T. (for those NOT from Boston, T=subway)) Anyways, here are a few other images from the shoot.

Aaaaand... that's it for today. Enjoy the pretty pictures and go draw some drawings!

R. Coco


  1. Wow your drawing is lovely! I love how you mixed both inspirations so eloquently together!

  2. Beautiful drawing! I have to begin drawing again, I'm starting to miss it when i see your work.

    Love, Betsy.

  3. Thank you! You should definitely start drawing again. I'm trying to get back into it as well, so I thought aiming to post illustrations on the blog would be a good way to motivate myself. xo

  4. really a sweet drawing.
    and the Christina Ricci's photoshoot is prefect,
    she looks like a doll.
    your blog is so cute. I loved the fairy tale/vintage atmosphere
    i'm following the blog now!!

  5. Thank you :) I am now following your wonderful blog as well. xx

  6. your artwork is beautiful. i'm following you now on google.

  7. The make-up is just stunning! I love the faux tear drops.

  8. oh my gosh, FIND THOSE MAGS!!! i've always loved Ricci and would love to see her in some older spreads!!


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